A Manual Of Catholic Theology: Vol II


A Manual Of Catholic Theology: Vol II

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Description: In a presentation of his conversion story Catholic Apologist, Scott Hahn, had this to say about the Catholic faith, “What we discovered was that the Catholic Church almost doesn’t even need a defense. It’s more like a lion; just let it out of its cage and it takes care of itself.”

So often, many of the objections from so-called skeptics amount to little more than a misunderstanding about the truth of the Catholic faith. With these people, it is astonishing to see how quickly their objections come to nothing after being presented with a well-articulated exposition of the faith.

The problem is, that so few Catholics today have been given the resources to offer a clear expression of the eternal truths of our Faith. What modern Catholics need is A Manual of Catholic Theology by Joseph Wilhelm.

If you want to be able to know your faith, love the Lord, and be a light to the truth then just open up this book and let the lion out of its cage…


This is a CLASSIC work from Joseph Wilhelm no Catholic today should be without.


Description: In an attempt to tempt the Son of God, a question is asked by one doctor of the law among the Pharisees: “Master, which is the great commandment in the law?” Christ Jesus promptly responds with the greatest and first of the commandments: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind.” In his grand Summa, St Thomas, recalling the words of St Augustine before him, affirms that “naught is loved save what is known”. This second volume of A Manual of Catholic Theology Vol. II systematically presents the Church’s teachings on God the Redeemer. Organized from the multi-volume handbook of dogmatic theology composed by the renowned 19th century theologian and mystic Fr. Matthias Joseph Scheeben, Wilhelm and Scannell map concise explanations of theological doctrines in a coherent arrangement with marginal headings for quick and easy reference.

Ideal for attentive study, A Manual of Catholic Theology Vol. II makes a perfect resource for catechetical instruction and seminary formation. According to St Thomas, theology absolutely transcends all human wisdom, as it seeks to know God as He knows Himself and as He has revealed Himself. Only in the capacity that it is illumined by the wisdom of theology can the soul itself participate in Divine Love.


                                             Topics Covered Include:

  • Evil and sin, along with degrees and effects
  • Fall and sin of the reprobate Angels
  • Original sin and the power of the Devil
  • Conditions and preparation of the Redemption
  • Hypostatic Union, constitution and attributes of Christ the Redeemer
  • States and mysteries in the Life of Christ
  • Perfection and effect of Christ’s salvific work
  • Functions of Christ as High Priest and King
  • The role and participation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Christ’s redemption
  • Grace, its efficacy and effects
  • Predestination and the Elect
  • Christ’s Church in the Old and New Testament
  • Constitution of the Church
  • Petrine Primacy
  • Properties and Marks of the true Church
  • Foundation and efficacy of the Sacraments
  • Last Things: Resurrection, Judgment, Hell, Purgatory, Heaven




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