This is a logic book for beginners. It is written both for the college student and the “do-it yourselfer”. You may be asking yourself, why do we need an-other book on traditional logic? It is true that there are many traditional logic books out there, but often these works of wisdom are out of print and collecting dust in libraries since the trend today is contemporary symbolic logic, and an additional problem is that these older texts are often inaccessible to today’s beginner because the language is too technical for one not well versed in Aristotelian philosophy. This coupled with a need for more diagrams in such a text that might prove helpful to the “visual learner” amounts to what seems to me to be a need for yet another text on traditional logic.


I hope to remedy these defects here. Now of course, a logic text by its very nature is always going to be a tough read for the beginner, but I have tried as much as possible not to make it any tougher than it needs to be. Logical terms are, I hope, patiently explained in easy to understand everyday language, numerous diagrams are pro-vided to help the beginner to visually process the information, and nally a plethora of exercises will give the student plenty of opportunity for practice.


Purpose: The purpose of this course is to teach beginners how to think more clearly and effectively by learning LOGIC.


Logic is a general “all purpose” subject with deep and far reaching implications. This is why St. Thomas Aquinas called logic “the art of arts”. In other words, logic is the mother of all subjects because in logic we study the very act of thinking and reasoning itself, which in turn helps guide our thinking in all other subjects.


This is a video-based course. It also includes the same lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes.

Course Materials