Christ 101 is a Complete Course On How To Defend Traditional “Old-School” Orthodox Christianity To The Modern Secular World. It was precisely for this reason that I created the CHRIST 101: HOW TO DEFEND THE CHRISTIAN FAITH PROGRAM.


Christ 101 is the first complete, full-blown, semester long, multimedia course specifically made to address the problem of using reason and evidence to establish the truth of Christianity.


Purpose: The purpose of this course is to defend the Christian Faith.

And the reason why this is important is, as a Christian, we think you’ll agree that ultimately all that matters is that you and your loved ones do not depart from their faith. This life is short, but eternity is forever.


Look, faith is a treasure that is worth investing some time in and today that means learning how to intelligently discuss it with unbelievers.


So you need to arm yourself and your kids with a first rate program in Christian apologetics and clear out all the mental roadblocks, falsehoods, misunderstandings, misinformation and confusion that prevent people from taking faith seriously.


This is a video-based course. It also includes the same lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes.

Course Materials