Th goal of this course is to correct all of the sensationalism, ignorance, criticism, misinformation, and “trash talk” we hear about the Bible in our culture. A lot of times these criticisms come from misinformed bloggers, documentaries and media personalities, and it is unfortunate because very few people have access to
sound conservative scholarship about the Bible.



What we will do in this course is cover the ten most common objections against the Bible in our culture. Ths list of ten objections is in no way exhaustive of all the objections people have about the Bible, but they are the most common objections people have given my experience of working in this area and interacting with others for over the last ten years



Purpose:  The purpose of this particular course is to teach Christians how to defend the Bible against the most common skeptical objections today. This topic is obviously very important, so I spent several years researching this topic, taking a lot of notes, and I personally consulted a lot of other experts in this area as well.


The course includes the lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes.

Course Materials