One of the most popular arguments for the existence of God is the design argument. The idea that the works of nature reveal the work of a designing intelligence has been held by many of the top philosophers and scientists in the Western world since the beginning of recorded history and this idea is alive and well today.


In my experience, this argument is the one that appeals to most laypeople. Unbelieving students often find this one more convincing than some of the other proofs for the existence of God. Like many arguments for the existence of God, the design argument moves from effect to cause. The starting point of  this argument recognizes that the world not only exists but has particular features, features that display complex order and it argues that a designing intelligence or orderer is the best way to explain these features.


The design argument is also called the teleological argument, from the Greek word telos meaning end, goal, or purpose. So the point of the teleological argument is that many things in the universe operate for an end, purpose, or goal and that means there must be some intelligent agency behind it.



Purpose: The purpose of The Design Argument For The Existence of God is to introduce the beginning student to one of the most popular arguments for God’s existence. The goal here was to make a learning program that teaches total beginners how to give a sound philosophical case for the existence of God. The aim of this course is to show you that knowing the existence of God is NOT irrational and it is NOT based on blind faith. On the contrary, the claim that God exists is a conclusion that the human intellect can reach through reason apart from the gift of faith. Discover why when we look at the universe with an open mind and follow the evidence wherever it leads, we are led to the rational conclusion that the work of nature is the work of intelligence.


This is a video-based course. It also includes the same lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes.

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