Every day, Christians are bullied and pushed around by those who deny moral truths and God’s existence. In this video course, Dr. Scott M. Sullivan lands a “one-two punch” on both relativism and atheism through the Moral Argument for God’s Existence. You will learn how to answer objections such as “How do we know that moral truths are objective?” or “Why is God necessary for right and wrong?” or “Which God should we listen to?” Don’t wait to learn how to stand up against intellectual bullies and defend the truth!



Purpose:  Building on two prior courses for the existence of God, this course will teach you the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and some of his followers, on the important connection between God and morality. In particular, you will learn how our moral conscience is bound to do good and avoid evil and why morality requires God.


The course is based on a series of videos and also includes the lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes.

Course Materials