The doctrine of Hell is probably the most disputed and despised teaching of Christianity. Outsiders think it’s false and monstrous. Many Christians are even embarrassed by the doctrine and want to soften it or sweep it under the rug.

Believing in Hell today is very unpopular. It’s not “cool”. After all, it seems unimaginably horrible that a loving God would ever allow such a thing to happen.

But just because an idea is unpopular doesn’t mean it’s not true. Jesus Christ himself, the same person who teaches that God is love also spoke clearly and frequently about the existence of Hell and that many people are in danger of being sent there forever.

The Theology Of Hell And Damnation course contains two hours of thought provoking, educational material on one of the most important Christian doctrines of all time.


Purpose: The purpose of this course is to restore a healthy fear of the Lord by explaining and defending the classic Christian doctrine of Hell.

This program will teach you how to defend three main points:, that Hell is eternal, and that the classical e.

  • That Hell exists
  • That Hell is eternal
  • That the classical theological opinion, that the majority of humanity will be damned, is probably true.

This is a video-based course. It also includes the same lessons on audio for your convenience. There is also a downloadable study guide to help you follow the material and take notes

Course Materials